Attitude, endless energy and excellent songs – that’s what PAPER TIGERS from Copenhagen are known for. Three guys that have dedicated themselves to Rock’n’Roll and have built a strong and ever growing fanbase, continuing into 2020 with full force with their upcoming release of new songs this Fall.

The success story of the band first begins in the parental home of the siblings, Linus and Andreas Valdemar. Their father, a successful regional folk singer, took care of his sons’ interest in music from early childhood. The sound of the sixties irrevocably settled in their souls. Linus composed songs, played guitar and sang and Andreas played bass. However, it had still taken a few more years until PAPER TIGERS were born and ready to leave the shed behind their roots. The band discovered something special when drummer Nicklas Løvén first appeared in the rehearsal room. The result was a harmonic and spellbinding sound which was unique and inspirational. From this time forward the trio decided to move forward, refining the bands sound by writing and producing music for a wide audience. Thanks to the bands driving sound, simple melodies and brisk live performances, the band has already won several contests in Denmark, only a few months after their debut concert. In 2011, they were awarded “Best Rock Band” at the Danish Underground Music Awards. In 2012, the band released their first EP “If We May?”, which received excellent reviews across the country and even managed to reach an International audience for the first time since the creation of the band. Tours round Denmark became more frequent and subsequently, the number of fans grew at an extortionately rate. PAPER TIGERS also found their songs making airplay on national radio stations, and it was only a matter of time till their success would cross the borders.
In 2015 PAPER TIGERS first appeared on the international scene in May, they performed their first concert at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn and Berlin’s “Comet-Club“ which was well received by attendees. The band also began to be well sought after for festival bookings and summer festivals. Their debut album “Head over Heels“ was released on 6th March 2016 supported by a headlining tour throughout Germany and Denmark followed by a huge success for the band through the official international premier of their Single “Head over heels” at which managed to generate huge amounts of airplay and shares across all major social media platforms.

After accomplishing these intermediate goals, the band went straight back into the studio and focused on songwriting and recorded their second album “Color Atlas”. In summer 2017 Amy Macdonald asked the band to support a few of her Open-Air shows throughout Germany which was a considerable milestone for the band. The latest album ‘Color Atlas’ was released 8th September 2017 on LIVE ★ TALENT Records through Rough Trade Distribution.

The band, now in 2020 throughout a global pandemic have managed to flourish creatively yet again to create something their fans though-out a dark and uncertain time. The band have been working around the clock to bring to the table brand new Singles to be released Autumn 2020.

Copenhagen, Summer 2020

Photo by Per Joe